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The Primitive/Figurative works of art are inspired by my travels to exotic lands and reverence for deeply spiritual places - all the pieces reflect a love of pure, vibrant colour and mystical native cultures I respect and admire. As I embrace my individual spirituality, I also find that the artworks echo my inner world in a fascinating reflection of life's struggle and achievements.

Original 2-dimensional works are created in chalk, pastel, and pencil, while 3-dimensional "wall art" is constructed from exotic recycled and found objects.

Primitive/Figurative art hangs in private homes and commercial establishments in Canada, USA and Australia and has been featured on Women's Network Television series 'Off The Map'.

About the Artist:
Susan Hayden is a happily retired professor of Visual Merchandising and Marketing/ The Sheridan Institute of Technology and Learning in Oakville, Ontario, with formal education in interior design and fashion design. Nowadays, she travels, enjoys life at the family cottage, and spends the winter in southern climates.

Feel free to contact her at susan.hayden.vm@gmail.com